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A sump pump is a great benefit to any house in danger of flooding. But what would happen if it stops working, or is turned off? Here are a few possibilities, along with some sump pump basics.

How Sump Pumps Work

Sump pumps are installed in basements or crawl spaces of homes that are in some danger of flooding. The sump is a low space where water will flow to. The pump is placed there to catch the water and send it outside the home through hoses.

There are two main kinds of sump pumps: submersible and pedestal. A submersible unit comes with the motor and pump in one unit. It sits submerged inside a sump pit and is generally quiet and unlikely to clog. This sump pump is likely the best option for properties with significant flooding concerns. A pedestal sump pump has a separate motor and pump, and doesn’t submerge or touch water. The motor sits on a platform above the sump pit with a hose running into the basin where the pump sits. The pump will draw excess water out through the hose and send it to your property’s designated drain area.

Dangers of Going Without

Many homes don’t have a sump pump, so if your house has one, there’s usually a good reason it was installed. If it stops working for any reason, have it fixed as soon as you can. And if you turned it off for any reason, turn it back on right away.

The most obvious danger of not having your sump pump on is that your floor or crawl space will flood if there’s a serious storm, a plumbing leak, or a water main break. Even minor flooding can have a devastating impact on your basement. This is especially true if it’s furnished. Rugs and carpets can get ruined quickly, along with furniture and electronics. If flooding is more severe, the wood under your house can be weakened, so an inspection will be necessary. And all that moisture is hard to remove without professional expertise and equipment. If your basement and foundation are not dried out quickly, mold will certainly grow. This poses health risks to you and your family, and could cause structural damage as well. Yet another risk is that excess moisture attracts a variety of pests, so you may soon need to call a pest control service. In short, keep that sump pump on, and in good repair.

If you have any concerns about your sump pump, basement or foundation, call Reliable Basement Services. A family-owned and operated company, we’ve served the greater Chicago area for over a decade. We offer a full spectrum of basement services including crack repairs, sump pump systems, basement waterproofing, basement windows, and floor repair. Our consistently high standards have made us an award-winning Chicago basement waterproofing contractor, so call us at (630) 318-4888 or visit our website.

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