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Trusted French Drain Installation by Reliable Basement Services

Reliable Basement Services in Chicago, IL is the area’s premier French drain installation expert. Since 2009, we have been helping homeowners keep their basement dry with comprehensive solutions, including French drain installation and repair. Our team of highly-trained technicians has helped hundreds of customers throughout Chicago and the surrounding communities. Whether you have a finished or unfinished basement, we can help to keep it dry. Every year basement water damage costs homeowners millions of dollars. With the right systems, you won’t have to concern yourself with damaging groundwater. Our dedicated professional’s main priory is ensuring fast and reliable installation for your home at an affordable price. Contact our team today to get started with a free consultation.

Hume pipe laying for water transportation.Under ground water pipe.Concrete piping.Pipe and man hole.

What Is a French Drain?

French drains have been used since the 1800s to redirect water away from your property. Your French drain system is simply a ditch in the ground with a perforated pipe under a layer of gravel. While it may not seem glamorous, our experienced team can transform your French drains into gorgeous accent pieces for a truly stunning finished system. When you choose us for your French drain installation, we will ensure the system is appropriately graded so that water is redirected away from your home and doesn’t get trapped inside the pipes. It’s essential that your system is installed correctly to ensure long-lasting results and a dry basement.

Where Should I Install a French Drain?

When you contact Reliable Basement Services for a French drain installation, our team will meet with you to learn about the issues you’re having and make a recommendation on where a French drain will best help prevent water from damaging your property. Some of the most common places we install French drains include:

Building Foundation

Installing a French drain around your property's foundation will prevent water from seeping into your basement or crawlspace through hairline cracks.


If stormwater is puddled on your lawn for days after a severe storm, we can install a French drain to redirect the groundwater away from your property so you can use the space.

Patios & Driveways

Large puddles of water may form around your patio or driveway. Hardscapes prevent water from being absorbed naturally into the ground.

Installing an Interior French Drain System

An interior French drain system is explicitly designed to be installed in your basement or crawlspace and redirects any excess water to a sump pump basin. An interior French drain works essentially the same way as any other type of French drain, except it is installed in your home’s basement along the perimeter of your basement walls. Our knowledgeable team may recommend an interior French drain system for homes that have basement water problems. It is one of the most effective ways to prevent water from pooling in your basement. Whether you only use your basement for storage or plan on finishing it, an interior French drain can help keep your basement dry.

Choosing the Right French Drain Installation Experts

For over 12 years, Reliable Basement Services has been providing French drain installation services for homeowners in Chicago, IL, and the surrounding communities. Chicago gets an average of 36 inches of rain every year, and if any of it gets into your basement, it can create a lot of stress and financial loss. Our knowledgeable technicians can install the right type of French drain for your property to protect your home. We are highly trained and experienced, so you can feel confident that our project will be completed on time with minimal interruption to your day-to-day routine. Contact our team today to schedule a free consultation.

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