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Have you noticed standing water in your yard? Does water in your yard drain slowly, leaving the soil saturated? Is there soil erosion? There may be a problem with your drainage system. Read on to learn common signs of a faulty drainage system.

If your yard has improper drainage, you’ll probably notice the following signs:

  • Your yard is flooded, eroded, or shifting. When the soil is oversaturated, a few things can happen. Puddles can form, water can pool up against the foundation, mulch and soil can be washed away by water, or the soil can erode, causing fissures or pits in the soil. Erosion can expose your foundation and threaten the structural integrity of your home
  • Your crawlspace is soggy, or water is seeping into your basement. Wet crawlspaces can be disastrous, providing a welcoming environment for insects, pests, mildew, and mold, and compromising your home’s structure. Water in the basement is always bad news. It could be coming in from the top of the basement because of faulty gutters or yard drains, or seeping in from the ground around the basement because of a high water table
  • Your foundation walls are sporting some efflorescence. When mineral-rich moisture seeps into your basement walls, you may notice a white or gray crust of mineral deposits known as efflorescence
  • Your house has mildew, or your wood floors are warped. When water is infiltrating your foundation, it’s only a matter of time before that moisture reaches the living spaces above.
  • Your gutters and downspouts are blocked and flooded. When your gutters are too small or clogged with debris, it can cause major problems for your yard’s drainage. Water can back up and spill over the gutters or pool under the downspouts, quickly making its way down to the foundation. Keep your gutters free of debris and direct water away from the house, using downspout extensions if necessary
  • Your yard drain is clogged. If you already have drains in your yard, that’s a good step. However, if the leaves, dirt, trash, and stones carried into your drains by wind and storms are left to stay there, the yard drains can become clogged and fail to properly remove water from your home

What can be done about poor drainage? The grading may need to be corrected, or you may need to consider trenching, creating a depressing rain garden or installing a French drain. Your best bet is to call in a professional for advice and assistance.

If you’re looking for top-notch backyard drainage solutions, contact Reliable Basement Services. A family-owned and operated company, we’ve served the greater Chicagoland area for over a decade. In addition to being the area’s premier drainage contractors, we offer a full spectrum of basement services, charging reasonable rates for work that includes crack repairs, sump pump systems, basement waterproofing, basement windows, and floor repair. Our consistently high standards have made us an award-winning Chicago contractor with thousands of satisfied customers. Call (630) 318-4888 or visit our website.

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