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Whether your basement has flooded one too many times or you want to proactively prevent a flood from happening, you may consider installing a sump pump. This is a wise move, especially here in damp and rainy Illinois. The question is, should you also install a battery backup sump pump? We certainly recommend it. Here’s why.

Stormy Weather and Power Outages Go Hand-in-Hand

The same high winds and heavy rains that cause flooding can also result in a power failure. If the electricity goes out during a storm, the sump pump you trust to keep your basement dry will be powerless to stop the rising water. A battery backup sump pump operates on an independent power source, ensuring that even if a blackout occurs, your basement will remain protected.

Sump Pumps are Vulnerable to Power Surges

Lightning is another aspect of stormy weather. This can send electricity surging through your home’s wiring, which could overload your sump pump or trip the circuit it operates on. In either scenario, the pump will stop working. With a reliable battery backup, you don’t have to worry about ending up in a flooded basement.

Sump Pumps Can Malfunction

Inclement weather isn’t the only threat to your sump pump’s functionality. Sometimes, a system malfunction stops the equipment from working. For instance, debris may clog the intake screen and prevent water from flowing freely. The float switch might also get stuck or fail to activate for some reason.

If the sump pump doesn’t turn on when it’s supposed to, you could end up with a soggy basement. No matter the issue, the battery backup serves as a good plan B to prevent your home from flooding.

How Do Battery Backup Sump Pumps Work?

If you choose to install a battery-operated sump pump, it usually sits beside the plug-in sump pump rather than replacing it. The heavy-duty battery is connected to your home’s power and remains fully charged at all times. This way, when it detects a power interruption to the primary pump, it can activate immediately. As a result, you benefit from a two-stage system capable of handling an electrical emergency with ease.

Many backup systems have an audible alarm to alert you when the battery-operated sump pump has activated. This process occurs automatically with no action required on your part. However, you should consider this a heads-up that something is wrong. Find out what caused the primary sump pump to stop working so you can have it fixed as soon as possible.

Add a Battery Backup to Your Existing Sump Pump

While battery backups are often installed with new sump pumps, it’s also possible to retrofit your existing setup. This way, you need only invest in a backup pump without replacing a perfectly good plug-in pump.

For the best results, let the experts at Reliable Basement Services handle your sump pump and battery backup installation. Contact us today at (630) 318-4888 to learn more or to request a free quote.

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