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Does your yard have a drainage problem? If you notice pooling water in your yard, have spots that just don’t ever seem to get dry, notice standing water in your basement after a storm, or your yard erodes or washes silt over the walkways every time it rains, the answer is yes. Fortunately, we know how to fix water drainage problems in the yard!

Let’s look at a few of the most common yard drainage problems.

  • If a property isn’t graded correctly, there will be drainage problems in the yard. Consider this: water naturally obeys gravity and flows to the lowest point of a property. If the lowest point is next to your foundation, you have a problem! Even a yard that looks perfectly flat should have a slight incline, sloping away from the house and towards the street at a pitch of about one to three percent. If the water flows towards the house, it can end up pooling around your foundation and threatening your home’s structural integrity. To solve this problem, you can have your yard re-graded or install a sub-surface drainage system like a French drain, a drain swale, or a dry well.
  • The gutters and downspouts may not be working correctly. Maybe your gutters are clogged, or maybe your downspout is too short. Whatever the reason, sometimes the system meant to keep water away from your house actually dumps it right next to the house. Keeping your gutters clean and installing downspout extensions can fix this problem.
  • Sometimes, hardscaping is installed without drainage in mind. If water pools on surfaces like your patio, pool deck, walkway or driveway, this can indicate a grading problem. You can fix your hardscaping to have the proper slope, put in a drainage system, or install retaining walls to help mitigate the problem.
  • Landscaping that isn’t done correctly can lead to drainage issues. Homeowners sometimes install pretty plants without thinking of how the layout will affect drainage. Unfortunately, when flower beds are designed incorrectly and impede the natural flow of water, the plants may not survive. Again, this could be a problem with the slope, or you may need to consider planting a rain garden, with water-loving plants that will help absorb excess moisture.
  • Overwatering your yard can cause erosion that leads to further drainage problems. If you’ve noticed pooling water in your yard, the problem may be as simple as an overenthusiastic watering schedule. Try watering less often and observe the trouble spots in the yard to see if this fixes the problem.

When you’re looking for the right solution to your yard drainage problems, Reliable Basement Services is here for you. A family-owned and operated company, we’ve served the greater Chicago area for over a decade. In addition to full basement services, we provide yard drainage solutions that include dry wells, French drains, drainage swales, and more. Our consistently high standards have made us an award-winning Chicago basement waterproofing contractor, so call us at (630) 777-0539 or visit our website.

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