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Reliable Basement Services Answer Your Common Egress Window Questions!

Why would you want an Egress Window?

They let a lot of light into the basement They turn a basement room into a legal bedroom They increase safety by having a secondary fire escape They increase your property value with the addition of an extra bedroom They create a more enjoyable space without the feeling of being ‘in a basement’

Will our equipment tear up your yard?

NO. The excavator used is quite small and has rubber treads. We also put down plywood around the excavation area and anyplace the machinery will be sitting for any amount of time.

Can you put a window where there isn’t an existing window?

Yes. Put a window wherever YOU want to. Don’t limit your options by only enlarging existing windows.

Is this done to code?

Yes. The window and retaining wall must be low enough for young children to climb out. It must also be big enough for a full-sized firefighter with gear to climb into the room in case of an emergency. There are a LOT of specific city codes regarding these windows.

How long does this take?

Most projects can be completed within a single day. Sometimes, in only 6 hours. Weather, soil conditions, and the complexity of the window well design make this a bit of a variable, but typically a single day.

How much lead time is needed to put a window in?

Some windows need to be specially ordered and can take 3-4 weeks lead time. Some standard-size windows are readily available. If timing is an issue, just call and we will work out a schedule that works for all parties.

Does this make a big mess?

Well, there is an awful lot of dirt to be moved for the window well. There is also a lot of equipment to be brought on site. Cutting the hole in the basement wall will also create a lot of cement dust. Each of these issues is specifically addressed. Plywood is laid down on the grass and around the hole to minimize lawn stress. The dust is contained with tarps, fans, and air pressure. The dirt can be re-graded around your foundation or hauled off-site.

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